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I installed the latest Gallery 3 CMS on my website, but when I check the graphics settings under the Admin page, I see the following error message for ImageMagick.

"ImageMagick is installed, but PHP's open_basedir restriction prevents Gallery from using it."

How can I fix this error?

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I have tested "Gallery 3" enabling/disabling open_basedir and found that enabling open_basedir slows down "Gallery 3" CMS.

For my website, the score for Time To First Byte (TTFB) was 'F' when I enabled open_basedir and it was 'A' when I disabled open_basedir. That's a huge improvement. So, I would recommend disabling open_basedir completely. Even if you enable open_basedir, the attack is still possible.

To disable open_basedir, open your php.ini file and comment out the line containing open_basedir.

;open_basedir =

Also, make sure that "exec" and "shell_exec" are not listed in disable_functions. Graphics library "GD" or ImageMagick needs them.

disable_functions =

If you do not want to disable open_basedir, you need to do the following:

  • Find the path to ImageMagick and add that path to open_basedir in php.ini.
  • Log into "Gallery 3" as admin and update the value of variable graphics_toolkit_path (admin->settings->advanced -> gallery graphics_toolkit_path) with the path to ImageMagick.