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I want to check the form factor, speed, and other details of RAM installed on my laptop. I am using Windows 10 operating system. Is there any command or Windows utility that I can use?

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You can use wmic command to see the information related to RAM. Run the following command on Windows terminal.

wmic memorychip get devicelocator, manufacturer, partnumber, capacity, speed, formfactor

The output of the above command will look like this:

Capacity    DeviceLocator         FormFactor  Manufacturer        PartNumber          Speed
4294967296  Bottom-Slot 2(under)  12          Elpida              EBJ41UF8BCS0-DJ-F   1067
4294967296  Bottom-Slot 1(top)    12          Ramaxel Technology  RMT3020EC58E9F1333  1067