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I installed goreman on my Ubuntu machine, but I am not able to run it. The documentation says I need to update the PATH variable to add bin folder of go. How can I update the PATH variable?

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'goreman' should be present in the directory: /home/userid/go/bin. If not, find the location where goreman is present. Then do the followings steps:

1. Open the terminal and type cd ~ to go your home folder. 

2. Open .profile file in edit mode using your favorite editor. e.g. $ nano .profile

3. Go to the end of .profile file and add the following lines:

# set PATH for goreman

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/go/bin

4. Save the change and exit from the file.

5. Run one of the following commands to update the PATH variable.

$ . .profile or

$ source .profile

These commands will make changes in the PATH variable. However, I would recommend to log out instead of running these commands.

6. Check the updated PATH variable using the following command

$ echo $PATH


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